Family Pictures

We never get pictures taken as a family. Maybe I’m trying so desperately to break the mold of my parents – Dad always made sure to corral us at every family function and get a group photo, always horrifically posed of course. I hated being in those pictures (now, looking at these gems is both funny [um, hello poofy bangs and tearaway pants] and nostalgic… it’s funny how Mom and Dad’s insight seems so much more wise the older I get). Not surprisingly, it’s usually Abby in front of the camera, and in the rare case John and I enter pictures, it’s generally only one of us (while the other mans the camera).

Desperate for one picture to send with holiday cards, we met up with a friend living locally (thanks, Ingrid) who has a great camera. She takes incredible nature photos and the ones she’s captured while working on Sable Island are National Geographic quality.

Unfortunately, it was freezing outside, the lighting was horrible, and Abby was in a terrible mood. Just keeping it real…but we did manage to squeeze out a few pictures before there was an epic meltdown. And since our only fee was a home-cooked supper for Ingrid, we’ll take what we got happily!

Enjoy a few of the pictures she captured – I’ll save the best for Christmas card season. Please note Abby’s dour expression in almost every photo…I tried every trick in our arsenal including her beloved “Zoom, Zoom” song {complete with actions I might add} to no avail. If only “Gree” (Grampie) had been there.

PS. There are quite a few pictures here…this is likely a post best {perhaps, only} appreciated by grandparents!

Check out Little Miss Sour Puss

An out-take while Abby stuffs her face with raisins. As a general rule of thumb: a) Abby doesn’t snack b) I don’t use food as a reward. Based on her moody performance, I decided to play the food card. Nada. After she was done eating, she was still having none of the picture taking AND she wanted more raisins.

To keep it real…


In case you’re wondering…we were looking at Abby playing merrily off in the distance (as far away from the camera as she could get).

And one last sweet one to even it all out.

Stay tuned for our top pick at Christmas time. Thanks, Ingrid!


Summer Snapshots

A few last pictures from our summer so far. It has been a wonderful and relaxing time for us as a family; Abby doesn’t realize how blessed she is. Mornings are spent outside – walking, playing soccer, exploring the world of rock-picking, -throwing, -eating (insert other appropriate verbs here). Several other children in the apartment complex dote on her and she revels in their attention. We’re convinced she’s convinced that she is one of “them.” She has little interest in kids younger than herself, and insists on planting herself in the middle of any action.



Canada Day


“Independent Playtime” – one of my parenting tricks. Abby plays contently in her bed for 40ish minutes several mornings a week, reading books, talking on her toy phone (thanks, Sarita!), harassing her stuffed animals, throwing every. single. toy. out of her crib…and dancing. Music plays the whole time, and invariably, when I come to get her, she’s just standing in her crib bouncing up and down to the music.


Abby loves to walk. She loves the outside. Meltdowns frequently occur when Mommy/Daddy are ready to go inside (in case you’re wondering…Abby is never ready to go inside)!


Abby rarely falls asleep in her car seat, but a morning play date with a baby around her age did the trick…Seriously, could anything be cuter than a sleeping toddler with flushed cheeks?


“Swimming” in her birthday gift from the Abriels.


“Pesh”ing (Abby’s term for “push”) her “elmo” (which sounds suspiciously like her pronunciation of “Elmo” the Sesame Street character, but should not be, because she is very serious in requesting her lawnmower). And yes, this FisherPrice contraption blows bubbles. It takes her by surprise when bubbles suddenly appear, and she gets distracted and chases them mid-mowing.


Her first introduction to the childhood rite-of-passage: the sprinkler. Water levels have been low, so this was her only time playing in said sprinkler, but she loved it. See did not love, however, having to come inside to get changed. Of course when a sprinkler is spraying freezing water directly into your face it’s hilarious…when Mommy dribbles a 1/4 teaspoon of warm water onto your head at bath time, it’s a full blown catastrophe.


First time colouring. She now points to this picture on the fridge and says colour.


More mowing – the neighbours joke that she should be paid for all the lawn work she does. She struts up and down the sidewalk, over lawns, through mulch piles. At first she would veer off course every few seconds and wait to be rescued. But now she’s happy to take her mower “off-roading” and can back it up, steer, and avoid shrubs like a pro.


Flashing that adorable smile. She has wooed everyone around us.