Denmark Adventures: The Last Days…

Wow. Nearly five months later, I’m finally wrapping this up.

Our last day in Copenhagen was unassuming. John and I took a quick detour back to the Glyptotek to settle some unfinished business – our first visit we’d arrived too early, and had dealt with some accessibility issues while toting a stroller. Armed with the Ergo, and a sense of determination, we arrived (on time) for a second free tour.

Honestly, we didn’t fare much better. Abby was beside herself in the backpack, and it’s pretty distracting to have a child (unhappily) drumming on your back while reading painting placards. We saw a few things, and called it a wrap.


We biked around the city (I got us lost at one point) until lunch time, and had to snap of a pic of this electric car on the way home.


After a nap and some packing, we took one last bike tour. This time we left the city and headed up the coast, ending up at the town where we’d hopped on a train after our adventure at the Deer Park. It was nice to say we’d biked the whole stretch, and it was a gorgeous, albeit cool, evening.



Our wake-up call was early. So early, in fact, Abby hadn’t yet woken for her nightly serenade. 4:00 I think to be exact. I choked down some toast and poor Abby was completely disoriented (but quite content) with it all. We boarded a bus around 6 AM and Tim made sure we made our connection to the airport safely.

Then we were on our own. Before long we were off to Iceland. To save $200 (we are frugal you know), we had elected for a LONG layover in Iceland. Almost 10 hours to be exact. That $200 went right toward one last adventure. We’d vascillated between the Blue Lagoon (a tourist trap day-spa) and visiting Rejkavik. Honestly, we hadn’t quite made up our mind until we touched down.

We’re from Canada. We know cold. It was cold. About 4 degrees. Abby was in capri pants. Everyone else was wearing winter parkas and balaclava’s. The thought of walking around Reykjavik all day was less than appealing…

A 20-minute bus ride later and we arrived at the Blue Lagoon. The landscape is hard to describe. Like some foreign planet, the likes of which you’d expect to see on an episode of Star Wars. Large rocks and craters dotting the landscape. Desolate. Cold. Yet undeniably gorgeous.


It was cold. Bitterly cold. And a bit embarrassing to admit we were from Canada and should have known better.


After spending several tearful minutes trying to figure out the locker systems (seriously…so hard when trying to juggle a toddler), ripping absorbent liners out of a diaper (since in my Mommy oversight I packed neither a swim diaper OR a bathing suit for the little one), we made it into the water.

It was kinda miserable at first. The wind was cold, and poor Abby’s teeth were chattering nonstop.


But then we found this delightful little nook, where the water was soooo warm. Isolated from the wind, it was a little oasis (although the lifeguards walking around in down jackets were an ever present reminder of the outside temperature).

Blue Lagoon

What a trooper dear Abby was – staying in the water for several hours, and loving it! Getting out was brutal, but a nice hot shower later, and we were good to go.


Once we were dressed, the temperatures (and extreme winds) really came as a shock.


The poor thing, who barely slept on the way to Iceland, dozed for a few minutes on the way back to the airport, but of course woke up once we arrived. We had three or four hours to kill, so she spent most of that time running around an abandoned part of the airport like she owned the place.


Her energy was waning by departure time, though. So we snuggled a bit, and were oh-so-ready for the last leg.


And yes, we were in the exact same outfits as our departure – not at all planned. Comfort beats fashion any day.


The return flight was definitely the most challenging. We were all exhausted. Abby had been awake for nearly 15 hours…she tossed and turned and cried…and I almost cried. And then we arrived home…and were one of the last to get into the Custom’s line. And because it was so late at night, there were only a handful of customs agents. And Abby was squirming and crying and it was just miserable. But how wonderful it was to emerge and see friends there to greet us (and chauffeur us home). Abby slept most of the way, and when I slipped her into her bed, she look so incredibly happy to be home and immediately fell asleep.

I, on the other hand, gorged on delicious chocolate cupcakes and milk (the food left in our fridge by friends)..

What an adventure. Easy with a toddler in tow…no. But we made some incredible memories and would do it again in a heartbeat. Although I know she’ll never remember details from the trip in years to come, she still does ask, on occasion, to go fly “airpwane” and see Uncle Tim!

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Denmark Adventures: Day 15&16

*On a side note, I had to send a picture in to a local photo contest this week and my pick for “people” was from my favourite day on our Denmark trip:

Denmark with Abby


Details are, as mentioned before, steadily losing their form. Doing my best to piece together events based on the photo trail, but I thought I’d combine pictures into a smorgasbord of events from days fifteen and sixteen.

Day 15 was spent just wandering around the downtown areas of Copenhagen, I think without any specific purpose – hence me not remembering details too clearly.


Taking in old scenes with fresh eyes.



With some stops at home for the requisite cuddles, sustenance and naps.


And outdoor escapades.


Our last Saturday in the city was spent, largely, touring the city via bike – giving us a new vantage for the area.


A flea market in front of the Thorvaldsen Museum


The Black Diamond – a new addition to the royal library.


The Harbour Baths – an interesting diving venue in the heart of the city (not quite as impressive as the first diving structure we encountered)



A happy back-seat companion…



A tasty lunch – rosemary french fries and cheesy risotto balls at a local market. Abby approved.


While waiting for some dinner guests to arrive, we headed over for one last stop at Fælledparken. day1514


Another “sookie” tree – although less impressive than the last.


An interesting park – designed to mimic the main attractions in Copenhagen.


Bikes – of all shapes and sorts – are everywhere.


Some quality swing time with Uncle Tim.


Our attempt at the bullet. There is a learning curve, but I was brave enough to sit in the front.


One more day in Denmark, and then back to Canada – final recap coming soon. Phewwww…

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Denmark Adventures: Day 14

These recaps are finally winding down…but we managed to pack lots of activities into every last day (while still catering to the needs of a teething, jet-lagged toddler).

This will be a picture-heavy, text-light post (cue the collective sigh of relief). The main activity planned for Day 14 was a return trip to Christiania. After being rained out on our first visit, we were determined to take a proper tour of this famous “neighbourhood”.


Graffiti is everywhere. And there is no lack for funky art (or artists).



The talent is incredible.



Love the plea scribbled on the wall.


Abby had the best seat in the house on Uncle Tim’s shoulders. The weather was perfect and Tim was, as always, a wonderful tour guide.


At this point Abby was curiously peering into a horse stable.


The architecture of houses is…well, interesting to say the least.


A treehouse (that apparently is often accessible to the public).



The most memorable portion to the trip was collecting some authentic artwork, although that was fraught with complications. We both really enjoy art, and Christiania seemed like the ideal spot to purchase a memento. We settled on a few pieces created by the artist residing here (an articulate American who has been living in Christiania for almost 20 years):


Long story short, I ended up being a cheap-skate and we bought a painting that we both “liked” but left behind one that we both “loved.” After wandering around upset over my choice (this was all my fault), I ended up going back and exchanging the paintings and paying the difference. Being cheap – or frugal – has it’s disadvantages. Glad we set things right, because I always would have regretted skimping out.

Since we had biked to Christiania, we meandered through some local spots on our way back to the apartment. Although we had viewed the Opera House many times from across the waterway, this was our first time taking in the full scale.


This was followed by a lazy afternoon at home, and a visit to a local park in the evening