The Optimistic Pessimist


I’m Elisabeth, with an ‘s.’

Awkwardly unfunny but, ironically and providentially, married to the funniest man I’ve ever met.

Under-qualified mother to the most spirited and lovable daughter imaginable, but reveling in her spunk and personality.

Undeserving daughter of God.

I love to eat, so I love to cook.

Lover of good books, old sitcoms, afternoon naps, and peanut butter and banana on toast. To negate the implied laziness of the last sentence, I hasten to add that I also enjoy {almost daily} walks and/or runs out-of-doors.

Nostalgic, to a fault; I enjoy smelling books (a habit from my father), and put salt on my watermelon (thanks, Mom). I’m borderline Type A, but my floors always need sweeping and I break out an iron once per year.

Just a warning: if 10 words will do – I’ll use 100.

Feel free to chat: optimisticmusings {at}


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