Denmark Adventures: Day 15&16

*On a side note, I had to send a picture in to a local photo contest this week and my pick for “people” was from my favourite day on our Denmark trip:

Denmark with Abby


Details are, as mentioned before, steadily losing their form. Doing my best to piece together events based on the photo trail, but I thought I’d combine pictures into a smorgasbord of events from days fifteen and sixteen.

Day 15 was spent just wandering around the downtown areas of Copenhagen, I think without any specific purpose – hence me not remembering details too clearly.


Taking in old scenes with fresh eyes.



With some stops at home for the requisite cuddles, sustenance and naps.


And outdoor escapades.


Our last Saturday in the city was spent, largely, touring the city via bike – giving us a new vantage for the area.


A flea market in front of the Thorvaldsen Museum


The Black Diamond – a new addition to the royal library.


The Harbour Baths – an interesting diving venue in the heart of the city (not quite as impressive as the first diving structure we encountered)



A happy back-seat companion…



A tasty lunch – rosemary french fries and cheesy risotto balls at a local market. Abby approved.


While waiting for some dinner guests to arrive, we headed over for one last stop at Fælledparken. day1514


Another “sookie” tree – although less impressive than the last.


An interesting park – designed to mimic the main attractions in Copenhagen.


Bikes – of all shapes and sorts – are everywhere.


Some quality swing time with Uncle Tim.


Our attempt at the bullet. There is a learning curve, but I was brave enough to sit in the front.


One more day in Denmark, and then back to Canada – final recap coming soon. Phewwww…

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