The Sickies

We’ve been lucky. Very, very lucky. Aside from a few tenuous brushes with sickness early on (fun things like failure to thrive and thrush), we’ve had one healthy baby on our hands. I read somewhere the average infant has 7 sinus infections by the time they turn 1. Abby – zip. Not a single bona fide cold or ear infection her entire first year. This Christmas was our first foray into the world of toddler illness – a fever and chills followed by a few weeks of stuffy noses and other cold symptoms. Despite it all, she slept fine, ate tolerably well, and was generally unfazed by it all.

We should have known something was up yesterday. We woke up to bright sun – it was late, and nary a sound from her room. When she did wake up, over an hour later than normal, she bolted straight for my arms. And stayed there. For an hour. If you’ve ever met our little peach, this is not at all normal. She is go, go, go, go and while she can be extremely affectionate, rarely has time for extended cuddling. I suppose I should be grateful, since this means she’s happy and independent. But still, a Mama’s arms need some exercise.


So, while deep down I felt sorry for my little babe, who was clearly not feeling herself, I soaked up every last minute of those snuggles. It didn’t hurt that she looked down right adorable, wearing button-down pajamas for the first time ever. I die from the cuteness. Our little girl growing up…


We sang songs and cuddled and read mountains of books and cuddled and talked and cuddled and read some more. Any mention of food was met with a resounding “No.” But eventually, it was time to get the day started. Usually passive on the change table, she insisted on going straight back in to pajamas. Smart girl – Mama’s trained you well in the fine art of pajama love.

Things looked to be on the up and up until a few minutes later she stopped, right in the middle of the hallway, and for the first time in her life, vomited. There is nothing quite so pitiful as watching your little one be sick. We snuggled and hugged and got cleaned up and she handled it all as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. Our little trooper.


The cuddles are over – we’re back to nonstop action in the house. I’m relieved that our brush with flu/food sickness was minor and my heart goes out to all those struggling through this epic season for sickness. But I’m so glad that my Mommy-arms got a workout yesterday and brought comfort to our little patient.


One thought on “The Sickies

  1. 1. Abby is adorable. Her hair is to die for.
    2. I love those jammies. I want some for me, too.
    3. I know how awful it can be to have a sicky. I have two right now… nothing is more heartbreaking! Glad it was over that quickly!

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