Denmark Adventures: Day 14

These recaps are finally winding down…but we managed to pack lots of activities into every last day (while still catering to the needs of a teething, jet-lagged toddler).

This will be a picture-heavy, text-light post (cue the collective sigh of relief). The main activity planned for Day 14 was a return trip to Christiania. After being rained out on our first visit, we were determined to take a proper tour of this famous “neighbourhood”.


Graffiti is everywhere. And there is no lack for funky art (or artists).



The talent is incredible.



Love the plea scribbled on the wall.


Abby had the best seat in the house on Uncle Tim’s shoulders. The weather was perfect and Tim was, as always, a wonderful tour guide.


At this point Abby was curiously peering into a horse stable.


The architecture of houses is…well, interesting to say the least.


A treehouse (that apparently is often accessible to the public).



The most memorable portion to the trip was collecting some authentic artwork, although that was fraught with complications. We both really enjoy art, and Christiania seemed like the ideal spot to purchase a memento. We settled on a few pieces created by the artist residing here (an articulate American who has been living in Christiania for almost 20 years):


Long story short, I ended up being a cheap-skate and we bought a painting that we both “liked” but left behind one that we both “loved.” After wandering around upset over my choice (this was all my fault), I ended up going back and exchanging the paintings and paying the difference. Being cheap – or frugal – has it’s disadvantages. Glad we set things right, because I always would have regretted skimping out.

Since we had biked to Christiania, we meandered through some local spots on our way back to the apartment. Although we had viewed the Opera House many times from across the waterway, this was our first time taking in the full scale.


This was followed by a lazy afternoon at home, and a visit to a local park in the evening



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