Recently Enjoyed Things

We watched the Superbowl last weekend. Disclaimer #1: I do not understand, do not care about, do not watch, and do not give the tiniest regard to pro-football. Thus I gladly relinquish any claim to a legitimate title of “fan”. But, I do acquiesce each year for one notable exception – the Superbowl. Disclaimer #2: I cannot, nor have I ever been able to, watch a sporting event as a neutral party. [It’s like cucumbers – I never eat them without vinegar. Hello, there tangent! ] Typically the decision is easy: I pick Canada for all Olympic sports or, as a default, any team playing against the Americans (no offense to my family in America, let’s chalk it up to a friendly rivalry). The problem with football is I don’t know anything. About anyone. Or any team. If my husband’s team makes it in to the finals, it’s smooth sailing…but no dice this year. So, I did what any self-respecting woman would do. I went for the team with the nicer uniforms. An objective choice to be sure.  We won. And despite the fact that I have no real attachment to the team, my stomach was in knots and I felt like vomiting in the final few minutes. What can I say – no neutrality here.


While we watched the Superbowl, we had a feast. Homemade sushi. I crave this stuff. Almost daily. It’s that good. I must give credit where credit is due – this is the hubby’s domain. My first attempt at sushi resulted in burned rice, soggy seaweed, and a trip to the garbage can. But we’ve (mostly, he) got it down to a delicious science.


Too young for sushi, Abby still gets in on the action by asking for wasabi – or “sabi”. She devours the stuff, and even insisted on dipping her biscuit in the spicy, green goodness last week.


After the blizzard this weekend put the kibosh on our plans to attend a “Date Night Challenge” at church, we decided to treat ourselves to an in-home date, complete with…you guessed it, homemade sushi.


There has been lots of snow around these parts and we’ve been putting it to good use. There is never enough outdoor time for our little munchkin, and she seems oblivious to the cold.




We’ve been watching our way through this years Best Picture nominations.  Despite adamant critic reviews to the contrary, we thought Les Miserables was fantastic (including Russell Crowe’s widely criticized portrayal of Javert). 

Argo – the frontrunner for Best Picture – was a big disappointment in our mind; the acting was sub-par, the movie was “forgettable” and their deviation from the true events of the story was frustrating (in particular their depiction of Canada’s involvement). Django Unchained was too gritty for my liking, so I only saw a few small chunks of the movie, but I will admit the cinematography and character development was expertly crafted by Tarantino. Life of Pi was underwhelming (although extremely true-to-the-book, which I did appreciate).


And finally, we’re all enjoying the extra boost of enthusiasm after a restful, productive weekend cooped up inside. We’ve vacuumed every room in the house, cleaned out clutter, and organized the 8,546 Post-It notes floating around the office (condensing all the information into a single spreadsheet). We’ve done laundry and cooked banana bread and potato and carrot fritters. We’ve lugged snow into the bathtub and had a mini snowball fight (using these as snowball mold), created playdough masterpieces, and dyed pasta all the colours of the rainbow. We’ve lit candles and sipped warm beverages, and read books and worked out. While I can’t wait for spring and sun and clear sidewalks…this blast of winter has been gratefully enjoyed.


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