Favourite Reads – Toddler Edition

I love me some books. If my father wasn’t reading a commentary prepping for a sermon, he was reading the latest Clive Cussler or a classic Zane Grey. Books were such a key part of my childhood, and have remained a perennially favourite activity.

So it always gives me a jolt of pure glee to see Abby gravitate towards books. She’s frequently ask for “All the books down, Mommy.” She’ll then sit and flip through book after book. We’re in a particularly fun stage where she tries to “read” books out loud – the memory on toddlers is pretty spectacular, and she can recite several books in their entirety.

I thought it would be fun to note some of our current favourites! When you read the same books every single day, some front-runners are obvious (although these are listed in no particular order):

Favourite Books

1. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes: This was one of the first books gifted to us when Abby was born, and was certainly her/our favourite during the first 12 months. Reciting this book (which we ALL know by heart now), was one of the surest ways to calm her down. It is just a sweet book (and I also love Mem Fox’s Time for Bed book – #12). A classic that should be on every kid’s bookshelf.

2. Usbourne Books: Enjoy them all; cute books, great tactile opportunities for kids. Short and sweet – always a plus. Abby particularly liked the plane book when Daddy had to take an airplane for business travel.

3. Dr. Seuss: I had a deprived childhood – we never owned a single Dr. Seuss book. I love the nonsensical nature of his books (and The Grinch is a holiday tradition). We have Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? which is lots of fun to read.

4. Oliver Dunrea books: These are adorable. We own Boo Boo, but have checked most of the rest out of the library.

5. Gallop: This was a fun Christmas gift from a friend. Each animal depicated is a scanimation, so by opening and closing the page slightly, the animal moves (the horse gallops, the monkey swings etc.,). It’s addictive…

6. Shoes: A periennial library favourite, this book is just sweet. When the last line mentions skinny-boned, wiggly toed feet Abby squeals every. single. time, likely because I use that as an excuse to tickle her toes.

7. When the World is Ready for Bed: The perfect bedtime book. I love, love, love this book, and so does Abby. Calming and cute, I read this every chance I get and can definitely quote it in it’s entirety. “When the world is ready for bed, the sky grows dark, the sun glows red. The little flowers shut their eyes, the night birds sing their lullabies…”

8. One Hippo Hops: A unique counting book that Abby has always enjoyed.

9. Sandra Boynton books: You have to live under a rock (or not have kids, I suppose) to not have heard of Sandra Boynton. Abby actually isn’t that into most of them, but she still loves Happy Birthday Little Pookie, which Daddy gave her – appropriately enough – on her birthday. It is precious, and I plan to read it to her every birthday from here on out.

10. Christmas Blessings: Of all the Christmas books we read this past year (and we read lots), Christmas Blessings is by far my favourite. Precious pictures and a great Christian-Christmas message.

11. Beautiful Oops!: A new addition to our repertoire, this has certainly expanded Abby’s vocabulary (she can now say opportunities and beautiful)! This is a great book at any age (you could gift this to an adult), and is quirky and cute.

12. Time for Bed: Another perfect bedtime book. Maybe that’s why we read it almost every night.


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