Denmark Adventures: Day 12

I’m aware I am woefully behind on my Denmark posts. My self-imposed goal of chronicling our vacation before Christmas – a complete and utter failure. Not that anyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for these updates…

I’ll also try to gloss over the fact that I still haven’t written a single word about our family Christmas activities or even hinted at our recent (and relatively successful) “drop the pacifier” exploits. Life has been busy, but I guess that’s what “life” does; work deadlines and toddler wrangling and pesky tasks like eating and sleeping end up taking center stage.

So for now I’ll stick with material that I’ve got in the bag – like recaps of family vacations that took place nearly half a year ago!

Another day with the full attention of our official tour guide, and we decided to tackle a day trip – Frederiksborg Palace.

Before we left, though, we captured Abby in her element. Playing on the day bed in Tim’s apartment, perusing the busy street below. She loved this nook, and felt quite proud when she was master of her little domain. Look at those gorgeous curls!


What Kronberg Castle lacked in pomp and circumstance, Frederiksborg more than accommodated for; there were gold trimmings and ornate carvings and immense tapestries as far as the eye could see. It was actually a bit overwhelming at times to wander from room to room of ostentatious materials and displays of royal wealth.  And it even looked like a fairy-tale-type palace from the outside, complete with bridges and moats and elaborate gardens.


We adopted the same tact as earlier castle/palace adventures: pawn off the wee one while we complete a whirlwind tour. Tim graciously (and patiently) walked with Abby around gardens and trails for several hours while we raced about the palace through a dizzying maze of rooms and displays. At one point we caught a glimpse of Abby’s bright blue jacket toddling around outside, tagging after Tim. Our hearts just swelled. There is something so adorable about watching your child from a distance while they interact with others. But I digress…

One of the first sights we encountered was the royal chapel. It was incredible and breathtaking. Pictures don’t do it justice. At all. John just piped up and told me to use the word opulence in this post. It would fit here nicely. Opulent.


We, true to form, snapped lots of pictures along the way, but most just don’t translate unless you’ve been there to witness the same sights first-hand. So, short of sending everyone on an all-expenses paid vaca to Denmark (I’ll break it to you now – not happening), I’ll just give you the can-be-appreciated-by-all highlight reel.

This grand ball room was definitely one of the most impressive rooms we encountered while in Denmark. It was spectacular; apparently when my parents visited a year earlier, there were a series of mirrors set up throughout the room to make it easier to view the intricate works on the ceiling. Even sans mirrors, it was quite a sight. The one detractor (which we don’t have a picture of unfortunately): there are a series of royal paintings that line the walls, all very regal and formal. And then, tucked in an isolated corner was this modern monstrosity of a painting. Apparently, the official royal painting can’t be completed until that particular dignitary has died…but being alive is about the only good news for this particular royal, because his likeness was dreadful!


I forget the specifics of this Bible now – it’s owner and the reason it was highlighted as a relic – but I do remember being wowed.


A few of the interesting pieces of art we encountered. This piece was incredibly addicting and I kept moving back and forth to view the distinct figures.

The first picture is a bit muddled:


From another angle:


From the other angle:


Another piece that required perspective (this time from a modern art collection in an upstairs annex) – a collage created from plastic bags.

No context:


And context (this is Denmark’s “Kate Middleton”):


After several hours, and likely several miles of walking, we headed back outside.





We happened upon Tim a few minutes later with a sleeping Abby in her stroller. We wandered along the beautiful paths, and things were going just swimmingly until I managed to fumble a sandwich and in our attempt to rescue it from a pebbly demise, awoke Abby.


Ah well, she enjoyed her time of discovery immensely and I think the resulting pictures are just precious:



Look at those pigtails.

The hedge work was incredible, and I can’t imagine how many full-time staff are devoted solely to the upkeep of these walkways and ponds.





Overall, just a stellar day! See more adventures here.


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