Life Lately…According to Abby

I thought it was high time to add a few new pictures of Abby! She is growing so quickly – literally changing every day – and I’ve tried to be more aware about how quickly time is slipping away.


This has been such a fun phase; last month she seemed to be struggling with her teeth, and the result was a lot of whining and clinging. The last few weeks, though, she’s just been a delightful toddler. Her vocabulary continues to explode, and I think she is less frustrated by things now that she can convey wants, needs, and even let us know when something hurts or is scary. She is becoming very helpful too – cleaning up toys, getting a diaper out of the drawer at change time. Her appetite has returned too, and she can pile away the food – especially dessert, of course!

Current favourites: colouring, using a shape sorter, playing outside (of course!), and jumping on the bed.Books are still a highlight of her day, and she loves stacking (and crashing) Mega blocks. I love watching her play on her own; she talks to her toys, and has started to personify them a bit too. The other day she took hold of a stuffed animal by the hand, and had the animal (a penguin, named Achoo) touch the various textures in one of her books – “feel this Achoo” she would say. The cuteness level was just too much!


These pictures were snapped a few minutes after a long shower – Abby loves to take showers these days, and wants to snuggle (for as long as you’ll let her) after she’s been washed. Since she’s never been a particularly snugly baby, I take what I can get!

abbylately1 abbylately2 abbylately3 abbylately4

Having our Christmas tree hasn’t been the slightest problem. I was a bit aprehensive, so I decided not to use our breakable ornaments, but she has not touched a single ornament. She is so careful any time she’s in the vicinity (and you can hear her say over and over again – “careful, careful”) and while she loves to look at the lights, seems to know it’s off limits and only observes from a distance. Maybe she remembers our stern warnings from last year? I don’t know how, or why, but I am SO thankful she is so obedient (well, actually, I’ve never had to ask her not to touch it even once this year).


We played with homemade playdough yesterday. She had SO much fun with making shapes and feeling the different textures. And yes, she was in PJ’s for most of the day. After a long, cold morning walk outside, we warmed up with a shower and I couldn’t think of anything cozier than settling right into pajama’s.

abbylately6 abbylately7 abbylately8

I love this picture of her tiny feet. Hard to believe she’s big enough to stand on a chair beside me in the kitchen…just like I used to do with my Mom years ago! Look at all those crumbs scattered around (which did, incidentally, all end up on the floor).


She had to give the dough a taste – at least I know the ingredients: salt, flour and water!


Today we coloured some of the shapes from yesterday during a morning playtime in the kitchen. This was her first time using markers, and she was more interested in taking the caps off and on the markers than actually colouring.


Right before naptime (hence the dark shadows round her eyes) we made cookies; although they didn’t turn out too well (my first time making the recipe), Abby approved of the dough (which didn’t contain any eggs!).

abbylately12 abbylately13

Look at those pudgy little paws touching away!


And one more, from tonight: right before bed, she insisted on putting on her rubber boots. How could I refuse! She loves wearing these things, and tromped around the house in all her glory!


A few recent videos for interested grandparents:


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