Denmark Adventures: Day 10

I’m determined to finish these Denmark entries before Christmas. The good news – I’m about half-way done. The bad news – I’m only about half-way done.It has been fun, though, to look back at our pictures periodically over the last few months and reminisce about the trip. As always, the sleepless nights and exhausting days aren’t fully portrayed in pictures; but, thankfully, neither are they in memory. For the most part, I forget about when and where Abby was cranky (well, with one notable exception…see below), and just remember how awesome this trip really was…now on with the recap (and exception).

This was our second full Sunday in Copenhagen. Since Tim’s church service didn’t start until 1:00 AND Sunday just happened to be the day for free entrance at a popular museum – the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – we decided to head down and tour the museum before church. Through some communication errors we arrived at promptly at 10:00 (the supposed opening hour), and saw doors were closed until 11:00 AM. We wandered around the downtown for an hour, and then gladly plopped Abby into one of the museum’s complimentary strollers.

Now at another time I’m sure this museum would have been wonderful…but: a) we were pressed for time (had to coordinate public transit schedules + allow for walk time in order to arrive at church) b) Abby HATES being confined c) this was the one building in Copenhagen that did not cater to parents of small children.

The results: Abby was pretty miserable (A) and since Mommy’s mood (B) is positively correlated with Abby’s mood, B=A… therefore B=miserable. Let’s also assume – since it was the case most nights we were there – that Abby had serenaded us for an hour between 3:30-4:30 AM, so we were all exhausted to boot.

Ah well – it can’t all be roses and daisies; there have to be a few bumblebees amidst the petals. A bit of pessimism amidst the optimism. Right?

The museum’s scale was overwhelming, so it was more of a “grazing” tour, since we didn’t have time to stop, ponder, and process all the information. A few highlights:

There were stairs everywhere; in between levels (obviously), but many side rooms had two or even three sub-stories. It was a nightmare with a stroller (we didn’t have the Ergo handy) and would be nearly impossible with a wheelchair.

The highlight of the visit was a glimpse at this Van Gogh that we could have admired all day (Abby was less than impressed although I surreptitiously passed her Teddy Grahams to alleviate some of her ire, away from the gaze of the nearby security guard). It was fascinating to see a characteristic Van Gogh (we saw a few of his other originals while in Copenhagen) in person and the detail of the stroke pattern was exceptional. Also – it’s just plan incredible to stand that close to REAL art; learning in closely, you could see small patches of the canvas that were bare.

A Monet (one of many we saw):

And a Picasso:

A view from the roof:

We ended the tour with some sculptures (I actually didn’t see them because they were on another level and Abby was so “over” the stroller at this point, that I just sent John along with the camera in my stead – we came back the following week and I did get to see them).

Degas: The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer

Rodin: The Thinker

We raced to the train, and I managed to get to church on time (ahead of Tim actually) while John and Abby headed back to the apartment so she could nap.

This is where things really went downhill. See, Abby generally likes people. Aside from the expected “warming up” period, she historically has enjoyed showing off and being the center of attention. So, we weren’t too concerned to hear 10 or 15 of Tim’s friends were coming over for an afternoon and evening of food and games. Well…we should have been. I have never seen Abby react so badly; she was overwhelmed and crying and throwing fits. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t sleep. It was bizarre, horrifically embarrassing, and not one of my finer parenting moments.

About two hours too late, I took her to the end of the street to play at the park. Away from the bustle of the apartment, she was good as gold (although at this point I was seething at her behaviour, and my own reaction to said behaviour). Unfortunately, it started to rain almost as soon as we arrived at the park, so we couldn’t stay long. Bedtime could not come soon enough, and thankfully she feel asleep quite easily.
And I drowned my parenting woes in a plate of dessert and game of Cranium.

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