Pump Up the Vibe

Couldn’t let a Monday go by without a quick post of the fitness variety (see here and here). It’s practically a tradition now.

As I’ve readily admitted in the past, I’m no fitness guru. Gym was my LEAST favourite class in high school, unless we were in the classroom doing theory in which case I aced it. Another admission – the last few weeks have been brutal. I just have not had/made the time for exercise. I get a short walk in every day, but it’s been a week since my last run. Add to it – holiday eating has begun. The fact that I have 7 dozen cookies/sweets in my freezer doesn’t help. Don’t let the freezing bit fool you either, because I will eat those babies cold if I have to.

But in the spirit of getting back on the exercise bandwagon, today I thought it would be fun to talk about music. I rarely use it these days because I’m usually either trying to pacify a toddler, chat with the hubby, or just looking to have some peace and quiet while I exercise.
When I do use music, though, here are just a few of my favourites:


Big Girl by Dr. Dog

Take Your Mama by Scissor Sisters

Can’t Stop the Rock by Apollo 440

Cool Down

Anything by: Adele OR Royal Wood OR Coldplay OR Norah Jones (LOVE her new album; Miriam and Travelin’ On are my favourites) OR Of Monsters and Men

To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

This Year’s Love by David Grey

The Blower’s Daughter  by Damien Rice

Miriam by Norah Jones

What are you favourite tunes for exercise? I’m always in need of some new suggestions!

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2 thoughts on “Pump Up the Vibe

  1. Thanks for your suggestions! I love anything by Pink, her music is so energetic! I also have some Sugarland, LMFAO, Carrie Underwood, Florence and the Machines, Justin Timberlake…I usually only have one song from each artist on my playlist to mix it up.

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