Life Lately (The Photo-less version)

Unfortunately this post can’t be subjected to the “National Geographic treatment” (you know what I’m talking about…skipping the text and just looking the pictures; if you’re feeling ambitious maybe browsing the captions ). So here’s your warning to sign off now if you’re just here for the cute baby pictures.

I keep a “journal” of sorts where several times a week I’ll write down a few sentences of what’s been happening in our lives, mundane things that I know will make me smile looking back years from now. But this week, life has just been a blur. So, for posterity if nothing else, here is life recently in random snip-its.


Tonight we attended a Christmas Cookie Exchange with about 20 friends. This is the first year we’ve actually been able to go to the event, and I’m already looking forward to next year. We played some games (one was hilarious – we had to blow up balloons, stuff them into the legs of a pair of pantyhose and put them on our head like antlers), sang Christmas songs, ate WAY too much party food (seriously, when will I learn?), and then exchanged cookies. It’s a great time of fellowship, and a nice way to tackle holiday baking. We have an assortment of 7 dozen cookies (minus 4…really, I don’t think I’ll ever learn) now stowed snugly in our freezer. Yum.

Our babysitter said Abby was delightful, and not the least bit fazed by our leaving.


On the food front: tomorrow night there is a fellowship at church, Tuesday morning my Mom-and-Tot Bible study is having a sweets “potluck”, and next Saturday is my Secret Sister supper (the amount of food is staggering). Um this is all happening before the 2nd of December. My hips don’t stand a chance this holiday.


Speaking of holidays – all our decorations but the tree are up. I planned on waiting until December, but since we’re going to be away visiting family over Christmas, I’d like to enjoy them as long as possible. John doesn’t fully buy into the Christmas decoration thing, but seemed alright with the idea of early decorating, if begrudgingly. So yesterday, when I was concentrating diligently on work during Abby’s precious nap time I was curious about all the banging in our storage room, but didn’t investigate. Imagine my utter delight when he proudly brought out the Christmas box, which had been BURIED beneath a lot of other storage totes. That’s true love, my friends.


I’ll post a picture (and the story) behind my favourite Christmas decoration soon.

Maybe we’ll get the tree up tomorrow? John has put his foot down about Christmas music though. When I tried to belt out some Michael Buble Christmas at 8:30 this morning, it didn’t go over so well.


I’m almost done Christmas shopping. I have a few handmade gifts left to make, a couple of stocking stuffers to sort out, and a chunk of John’s presents left to buy…but I’d say another week or so will see it all done. Hallelujah. I’ve already started drafting a post about gift-giving and ways we save money. Stay tuned for that next week (and lots more holiday posts I suspect).


Work has been extremely busy this week – but I managed to get extra done yesterday, so I gave myself today off and:

1. Got a haircut – it had only been like 8 months. I always procrastinate with haircuts, mostly because I just hate spending money on my hair (even though I go to the cheapest place in town). Hence why it’s almost always in a messy bun?

2. Went to the Farmer’s Market and had some yummy treats (while John got in some covert Christmas shopping). Also, saw our doctor with her toddler – love that about small-town living. Being on a first name basis with your doctor is pretty awesome.

3. Finished this book: it was heart-wrenching. The first night I started reading it I was in tears. Poor John – nearly every time I read a book lately I seem to pick something tragic (like this book). Although graphic in parts, it is most excruciating because of the humanity of it all – it is impossible for me not to imagine Abigail trapped in a similar conflict. It hits even closer to home because my parents are heading to neighboring Libera (no stranger to conflict) in a little over a month.

4. Wrangled a teething, ornery toddler

5. Gorged on potluck food


The weather has been gorgeous here lately, but things have just been too busy for much exercise. With the holidays coming, I really need to get back on the work-out bandwagon. It was so easy this summer, and I was consistently logging over 10 km a day. I’d say I average 2-3km/day lately…countered with the all the potlucks, a new scale will be on my Christmas wish list.


Poor Abby has been teething this week, so her eating habits and mood have been all over the place (thankfully her sleep training is still going strong – that girl is one awesome sleeper). Just today she wept, literally wept, when John was sweeping the floor. She is terrified of the broom. Also, she hates the dustbuster. The blender and hand beaters are fine though?

Also today, when I told her she needed to keep her dry pasta on the blanket (so I won’t be sweeping up pasta for months to come), she picked up a handful, looked me straight in the eye, and threw it with all her might into the hallway. It’s so hard not to laugh in these situations, because she is generally so well behaved, and her defiance, is in a way just too funny. But she got a stern lecture and obediently picked up the pasta and never budged from her blanket the rest of her playtime.

Supper was also pretty funny. She had pickled beets, spaghetti, Oreoes and applesauce. I have never ever seen her so dirty by the end of a meal.

The yawns are coming in quick succession now, so bed off to bed. A busy day tomorrow, and an even busier week ahead. More pictures next time I promise!


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