A Few Good Reads

It shouldn’t come as a surprise – now that I’ve finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon – that I enjoy browsing blogs on a semi-regular basis.

The options are overwhelming: millions of blogs from all over the world covering innumerable topics. But I have a few ol’ faithful reads that I enjoy…and you just might too (well, if you’re female)!

Favourite DIY Blog: Easy peasy decision. Young House Love. Hands down my favourite overall blog as well. Based around a loveable family-of-three in Richmond VA who chronicle all the highs and lows of renovating their home. They also just wrote a book which I can’t wait to read!

Runner up: Bower Power. Hilarious family-of-three (soon to be four), DIY’ing their way through a gorgeous house. Oh, and Katie (the Mom) speaks frequently of her love of bacon. Everything is better with bacon, including this blog! Nuff’ said.

Honourable Mention: Chris Loves Julia. Must be something about family-based DIY blogs even though I could never attempt a fraction of the renovation work they pull off seamlessly.

Favourite “Inspirational” Blog: A Holy Experience. Written by Ann Voskamp (author of One Thousand Gifts, mentioned here and here).  Love her unique writing style, stunning photos, and daily take on the Christian life.

Runner up: Bring the Rain. Angie Smith, mother-of-four (and wife of Todd Smith – lead singer of Selah); she is currently blogging from Peru where she is volunteering with Compassion International.

Honourable Mention: Mom Heart Online. This pulls from a variety of wonderful mothers, all blogging about motherhood from a spiritual perspective.

Favourite Parenting Blog: Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. This blog contains an incredible amount of information for new moms. Valerie bases her suggestions off the Babywise books, but the database of information on her site is fantastic and pulls from various sources. Her website also has an associated Google group which is invaluable to me; a message board where I can ask hundreds of Mom’s questions…yes, please!

Runner Up: Childwise Chat. Also based on the Babywise series; I take things with a grain of salt, but appreciate the delivery of this blog, and have already used some of the suggestions.

Honourable Mention: Angathome. Some great, practical parenting tips from a mother-of-eight. Lots of Montessori-based learning activities are detailed in the archives as well.

Favourite Mommy Blog: Kelly’s Korner. A mom-of-two, Compassion blogger who covers a broad range of topics (like fashion, cooking, and parenting)!

Runner up: Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle Hampton writes as a mother of two girls, including Nella who has Down Syndrome. Great photos, and feel-good posts. Always a pick-me-up.

Honourable Mention: 71 Toes. A family from Utah that travels extensively, memorizes poetry, and maintains some awesome chore charts.

And a few more for good measure:

Favourite Food Blog: Iowa Girl Eats

Favourite Hard-to-Categorize Blog: Chapters (linked to a great perspective post on American politics)

Favourite Family Blog: canadianindenmark


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