Life Lately

A quick glimpse in to everyday life lately.


This weekend a dear friend (and her husband) came to visit. We first met in Dr. Beattie’s Calculus class (a subject about which we shared a mutual detestation); I was the *cough* keener in the front row, she was the cool one sitting one row behind. We chatted off and on throughout the term and, for some reason, the morning of our Calculus final she invited me out to lunch (garlic fingers at Jack’s). The rest is just glorious history.

In the eight years that have passed since (where does the time go?) we’ve shared engagements and weddings and births – every elation and heartbreak. She is one of the most determined women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet – and regardless of her circumstances (this has been a rough year for her family) still manages to be cheerful.

It was wonderful to see her again (we had a fantastic girls weekend on PEI this summer, too!), and though the visit was painfully short (less than 24 hours), it was a great time to reminisce and catch up. Also, there is nothing more special than seeing your friends love your children.

Aside from a quick shopping trip, eating copious amounts of delicious food, and playing Settlers…we also managed to squeeze in time for a walk around a local trail, and Abby was remarkably happy from the confines of her stroller!


We purchased a potty for Abby a few weeks ago. Though I’m not ready (nor do I think it necessary yet) to start potty-training, I wanted her to get used to the idea. While she refuses to sit on it – even if fully clothed – she loves stuffing all her animals into the seat and pushing it around the house. (*the potty has never been used, so despite appearances, this is quite hygienic!).

Poor Mickey was forgotten…


Excuse the mess – it was feeding time at the zoo – but I had to share this picture of Abby helping me make a smoothie. She was SO proud to be standing up alongside me. She was incredibly patient, and insisted on putting each strawberry, grape, and banana slice into the blender one at a time.


Finally, I have to give a shout-out to one of my favourite spots: my alum Mount Allison. Last week, they received another top billing from Macleans!  Proud is an understatement. I’ll have to do a post on all-things-Mountie in the near future.

The picture below spells MtA if you weren’t able to decipher our body letters.


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Isn’t it great how much kids like to help in the kitchen! I love watching how excited Cameron gets to push up a chair.

    So glad you could have a nice time with friends. That is always so refreshing!

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