Retro Cuteness

Okay, okay…”retro” might be stretching things a bit. Yesterday John moved all our ridiculous number of pictures of Abby over to my laptop. This morning I couldn’t help but smile, looking back at these images – snapshots of life – from earlier this summer…

I know this may sound trite and cliche, but I simply cannot believe how quickly time is passing. This month in particular she just seems so grown up. I watched her getting ready for bed last night, racing around to grab every last stuffed animal (careful that none should be missing from the 3-ring circus that is her bed), brushing her teeth (with a little help, of course), “reading” her book to me, and stopping for a breathy “nigh, nigh Mama” as she toddled off to be tucked in by Daddy. Seriously? I could swear that just yesterday she was sleeping in a bassinet and falling to sleep (or crying incessantly – the latter being more likely) in our arms.

I do love each stage more than the last, but I’m so glad we have pictures of little moments like these to remember how fleeting time is…just like the quote I included in yesterday’s postThe days are long, but the years are short.

Our darling little beauty…


3 thoughts on “Retro Cuteness

  1. My dear Elizabeth. Due to illness, I have delayed writing to you, but I want to tell you THANK YOU for all that you have written and sent. All day I will open the account for you to read and see pictures of our girl. Our princess, our cuteness. I have followed the growth of Abby through your know to be vigilant every day that this little girl will become increasingly beautiful and smart. I take pride in it and in you too. You are a maravilhosos.Eu parents love you very much and distance does not erase the love that our heart feels. I want to tell you many things, but perhaps in a few days, for health reasons I mentioned. Pray for me, for Ana and the Nativity.
    Smacks (kisses) to all three – John – Abby and for you my dear niece heart.
    Tia Milu

    • Dear Tia Milu,

      We hope you feel better soon, and are so glad that you are able to enjoy seeing pictures of Abby (and the rest of the family)! It is hard to believe how big she is – learning more words every day. You should see her running all over the house.

      Elisabeth (and John and Abby)

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