Trick or Treat: 2012

I wasn’t over optimistic about Halloween this year: the forecast was less than favourable, we had some tight scheduling to work around, and Abby is only 19 months. But, for being extremely low-key, it was really quite enjoyable!

Last fall I snagged a frog costume from a thrift shop bin; I think it rang in at about $2. Not bad, especially since it has lots of wiggle room and she can likely use it for dress up in the years to come. That was the extent of my expenditure for her costume – we used the green fleece that goes with her snow-suit and some brown pants to complete the costume.  I couldn’t really justify buying green pants that she’d likely never wear again, although John tells me frog legs are more yellow…ditto on yellow pants, so brown it was! She didn’t seem to distraught over her less-than-accurate portrayal of an amphibian.  She also toted around a cute little bucket from Dollarama…she was so proud carrying around her little treat-holding receptacle. She’d even hold it out when we approached a door, eager to bear the weight of some more chocolate treats.

We went to about 8 places – all folks we knew and thought might be interested in seeing Abby. We also made a detour to our local Farmer’s Market and picked up a few delicacies for Mommy and Daddy (although Abby was quite smitten with the free brownie sample; after she finished her bite she said “I want more” – can’t argue with that honesty).

Without further ado. A few pictures of our sweet little froggie.

Hippo came along for the first few minutes, but once the clink of chocolate-against-metal rang through her ears, hippo was discarded for more edible companionship.

Our little hoarder.

She insisted on carrying around our bowl of candy (this was before we ended up handing out most of our stash…we had high hopes of eating Butterfingers for weeks, but between trick-or-treaters, and our own lack of willpower, they’re pretty much all gone), eventually taking it into her room while we prepared for bed…

…she even clutched a few candies all the way to her change table…I did draw the limit at taking any in to bed!


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