Abby: 18 months in Pictures

A few more “recent-ish” pictures of Abby below. But first I want to write down a few of her developmental milestones from this past month. Abby is now 19 months old, and closer to “2” than “1.” Since she was about 9 months old (the first 8 or so months of her life were just a blur of sleep exhaustion), each month I’ve exclaimed “this is my favourite month yet.” And so, yet again, I have to claim that her 18th month was my favourite so far. A few milestones for interested grandparents!
Speech: Her vocabulary has exploded: words like cinnamon, sushi, and ketchup are pronounced with shocking clarity. Notice how well she communicates food wants! And then there are the possessives: “Mommy’s chair, Daddy’s soap, Abby’s raisins.” She recognizes and loudly announces various actions too, like “washing hands” and “making da bed.” She has an incredible memory for numbers as well, and will sometimes pick out and announce a number she sees on a civic sign or in a picture over her change table saying “numbers, numbers – six, zero” and pointing to the corresponding number. It really continues to astound me how she learns and remembers these things. One of my favourite things (and something I REALLY need to video asap) is how she finishes the lines to songs/nursery rhymes. Her favourite is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (sometimes she’ll recite it by herself like this: “tinkle ittle star,  whirl, igh, dimo, sky!” It is soooo cute, and I will video it soon. Another favourite was learned at the Library story time called “Zoom, Zoom” which ends with her flying up into the air. Her favourite word is “blastoff” because she loves going up in the air, so when we count back from 5, she’ll usually try to jump down to 2 or 1…or even just scream blastoff because she can’t stand the anticipation! She also loves kisses, and will run back and forth between rooms giving me a kiss, then running to John, and back and forth saying ” kiss mama, kiss daddy.” Another favourite is saying “Amen” at the end of grace (before meals and at nap/mealtimes); she also did it at the top of her lungs in church the other day when the elder finished praying. Hilarious.We love hearing each little word, and it warms our heart.

Motor Skills:Largely unchanged. She learned how to climb on and off the couch this month, but doesn’t do so regularly. She also can take larger steps down/up herself, but still isn’t confident in doing so without support.

Sleep: She sleeps 11-13ish hours per night, and naps 2-3 hours each day. She LOVES bed because: a) she gets her “soggy” or soother and b) she gets to play with/mercilessly beat her stuffed animals. She wakes up most mornings talking to her stuffed animals saying things like “Bless you Achoo” (which is her stuffed penguin), OR reciting random colours at the top of her lungs like “YELLOW, ELLOW, PINK, RED.” Or, fake coughing and then saying “Cough, cough, bless you.” John and I just lay in bed and laugh and laugh.

Favourite things: She loves to eat: raisins, anything sweet, hummus, fritters (spinach/zucchini), beans, corn, yogurt, cheese, pickles, chicken…but really she eats everything we eat and generally enjoys it.

She loves reading, and will often spend 30 minutes in a corner by herself just flipping through books. She also loves watching the Number Train and other videos in that series on YouTube.

Her favourite thing of all, though, I think is being outside. She loves running and playing and even just rolling around on the ground. She is so happy to be outside, and doesn’t seem to mind the rain or cold!

Without further ado…enjoy some more pictures!

A nearby field; Abby loves to play soccer here with Daddy…

A trip to a local petting zoo/farmer’s market. Abby LOVED looking at the animals (and didn’t refuse the ice cream we purchased either)…

Playing outside with her beloved lawnmower. She will push this up and down the sidewalk for hours.

LOVE this picture (you can also see the scar on her right cheek from the chicken attack in Denmark…more on that in a later post if you haven’t already heard the story).

This was the first time I ever gave her a whole apple to eat, and she carried this around for an hour. Finally she got tired of eating it and proceeded to throw it down on the ground over and over again. Aforementioned throwing killed another 1/2 hour… it’s the small things in life that really satisfy!

Love the grins…

Little Miss Serious eating her applesauce (homemade from Grammie and Grampie), she LOVES her “sauce.”


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