Denmark Adventures: Day 5

I realized this evening that it has been over a month since I last posted about another of our adventures while vacationing in Denmark. With this in mind, I’ll readily admit many details are already getting a bit fuzzy, but I think I can scrounge most of the relevant info from either our pictures (we did take over 3,000 remember), or Wikipedia (my BFF).

Life has been busy – a good busy, but hectic enough that blog posts and picture sorting and even eating sometimes get pushed to the back burner or rushed in a way that just make these activities less enjoyable than they deserve.

I planned to combine two days worth of pictures into this one post, but given that my absolute favourite memory in Denmark occurred on Day 6 (oh the suspense), I decided to leave that day for another evening, so as not to relegate such good memories to the bottom of a post. What is relegated to the bottom is the biggest disappointment of our trip, but I won’t give away the punchline just yet. Happy reading!

After arriving at the SMK bright and early Monday morning only to find it closed, we headed off bright and early Tuesday morning to be first in line. We knew they provided strollers for children, so opted to just take Abby over via backpack to avoid juggling a lot of baby paraphernalia. The museum is a short walk from Tim’s apartment, and Abby had a great time jabbering away from her perch on my back. Oh, and if I look tired in this picture…I probably was…Abby serenaded us in the middle of each night by practicing her vocabulary. Kudo’s on the intellectual development kid, but could you please hold your practice sessions during Mommy’s office hours of 7 am – 7pm.

Another shortcut through the cemetery!

Abby had a fantastic time waiting for the museum to open, and ran squealing with delight until we finally had to corral her and head inside. She entertained all the other folks waiting too, and elicited lots of smiles from her adoring crowd.

The featured exhibit was Matisse and while the museum entrance was free, this special exhibit was a paid affair. After stuffing Abby into a waiting stroller (yes, most museums PROVIDE strollers free of charge), we headed to the line for tickets. When we reached the ticket agent we learned the woman who handled tickets for the Matisse exhibit had – get this – been in a bicycle accident. You gotta admit, the irony is too striking not to chuckle.

The Matisse exhibit was intriguing, and involved a comparison of variations of the same motif in series and pairs (like the following two paintings).

The rest of the museum was also fantastic – one of the highlights of our trip actually. We saw various Picasso’s …

But even Picasso wasn’t enough excitement to keep Abby awake. After fussing for a few minutes in her stroller, I plunked her into the carrier, and she was out like a light for several hours. We took so many photos, but they just can’t do justice to some of the masterpieces that we saw this day, and I shan’t do them a disservice by posting them here. Suffice to say: if you visit Copenhagen and enjoy art even remotely, this should be one of your first stops! We actually returned at the end of our visit because we had enjoyed it so much.

The irony that the character in the background is nursing her child, while in the foreground I cradle our sweet babe, is not lost on me!

There were some huge pictures!

After a quick lunch we headed off for a more thorough tour of the downtown, with a quick pit stop in the Kings Garden so Abby could play with the sculptures.

Even though it’s a bit blurry, I love this picture. Abby babbling away excitedly to Daddy, pointing like a mad woman at all the interesting things of which she caught even the slightest glimpse.

Our main destination was the Round Tower (Rundetårn) – an observatory built by Christian IV in the 17th C. Right before we headed inside, we happened upon a busker that absolutely delighted Abby. I’ll have to post the video of her reaction/interaction with him, because it was priceless. She was smiling from ear-to-ear for the entire time we stood outside to watch. The contraption blew flames, played music, and even moved an electronic collection box that weaved in and out of the crowd.

Finally breaking away from the performance, we headed up the tower. There are actually only stairs at the very top, the rest of the trek (7.5 revolutions, I believe) is simply a graded ramp. The top offered a fantastic 360 degree view of the city. A great perspective!

The rest of the building associated with the Round Tower housed a church, so we popped in for a photo op.

We happened upon another fashionable mode of transport outside – how is this for a jazzed up bicycle cart. Don’t see many of these around downtown Wolfville.

A few more side streets and bikes later…

We arrived at the Church of Our Lady, which houses the original marble Christ and the Twelve Apostles sculpted by Bertel Thorvaldsen (we would later see the plaster casts of these sculptures in his namesake museum). I loved the clean architecture of this church; the simplicity amidst many other elaborate/ornate/cramped/gaudy/insert-other-adjective churches and castles in Denmark.

Another obligatory bike picture…really, they are everywhere…

And a quick stroll through a local park…

And we headed back to Tim’s for a well-deserved supper. We headed out to pick up a few necessary food items at a local grocer, and noticed crowds of people. everywhere. And then we remembered a fact Tim had sadly brought to our attention far too late – Coldplay was playing. In Copenhagen. In Parken Stadium. A five minute walk from Tim’s. Attending a Coldplay concert together is definitely on our “Bucket List”…and to see them in Copenhagen would have been all that more exciting. Tickets were pricey, so it’s likely best they were long sold out before we arrived in Denmark, but you better bet we looked at the scalpers longingly, but with no babysitting in place (and the good old Wallace-frugality gene kicking in) we trumped temptation.

So, alas, instead of this:

We saw this:

And this:

We did happen to catch a slight glimpse of the warm-up act through some gates. In another ironic twist for the day (this was the day for irony I guess), we ended the evening by watching On The Road Again Spain (a cooking/eating/travel show) that features Gwyneth Paltrow – wife of the lead vocalist of Coldplay.

We also got a chance to see this little park in the middle of a row of townhouses. While Abby was nestled snugly in her stroller, on our next visit to Denmark I think she’ll go bananas over this spot.

And thus ended another full day of touring in Copenhagen. No promises on when I’ll roll out the next installment, but hopefully much less than a month!

Denmark Adventures: Days 1&2; Denmark Adventures: Day 3; Denmark Adventures: Day 4;


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