On this, the eve of the end of the work week I feel like naming “The One That Just Wouldn’t End” a la Friends…a few quick memories of sweet Abby. Every day there is some new glimpse into her personality, as we have the pleasure of watching this wee human grow and develop. I’ve already forgotten so many sweet moments, but hope to document them on this little blog periodically. Without further ado…


Mommy: (early in the week) *Sneezes*

Abby: (clear as a bell) “Bless you, Mama.

John: (attempting to elicit the same response) *fake sneezes*

Abby: (clear as a bell) “No, Daddy

Abby: (later in the week, by herself in another room) *Sneezes*…then says to herself “Bless you, Mama.”

As we deal with increasing “determination”, I’ve adopted the following line that at the base level is “Listen and obey”
One afternoon when Abby was being willfully defiant about something (and only a day or so after I started saying that we need to listen to Mama and obey), I stooped down to eye level and confronted her:
Mommy: “Abby, we need to listen to Mommy.”
Abby: (loud and happily) “…and obey.”

And guess what – she did obey!


Finally, an oldie, but a goodie (at least if you get to see this in person).

We sing a song that goes like this: “What’s your name little girl?…My name is Abby. Abby what, little girl?…Abby cutie.”

We’ll sing the song, leaving out the answers. She says Abby with ease, but when we prompt her for “Abby cutie” it comes out like “Abby cootie.” It’s adorable. But what really sets the heart aflutter – when someone asks her what her name is, and she (sometimes) gives them the real deal and responds “Abby cootie.”

She’s just too cute.


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