Denmark Adventures: Day 4

Day Four

Our first full day of sightseeing sans Timothy. We decided to head off to the Statens Museum for Kunst – the main art gallery in Copenhagen. John and I were both excited to see the special Matisse exhibit, and arrived at 10:00 sharp, anxious to see some art. Did I mention this gallery has free entry? Sign us up!

It was suspiciously quiet as we approached the grounds and, sure enough, the gallery was closed on Mondays.

After a quick photo-op…

…we headed off to the King’s Garden across the street. There were art exhibits scattered throughout the lawn so we let poor Abby (tired of being cooped up in her stroller) down to play. So we played peek-a-boo with one outdoor installation.

Rosenborg Castle is located within the King’s Garden, and houses the Crown Jewels. We opted not to pay the entrance fee to enter the castle, but did admire it from outside, and strolled through the adjacent gardens.

A few minutes walk further, and we were smack-dab in the middle of Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens. While they were lovely, I’ll admit jet-lag was starting to weigh heavy, so I was anxious for any opportunity to stop walking or sit down. Abby, on the other hand, thought only of stretching her wee legs, and was thrilled with all the green space to explore.

John took a moment to pose with this statue…a pretty good likeness…twins perhaps?!

The main hothouse in the botanical garden – a frequently photographed landmark in Copenhagen.

We went inside, but poor Abby had enough sightseeing for the morning. John climbed to the top for a better vantage, while I found the nearest bench and parked myself with Abby.

After lunch at Tim’s and a well-deserved nap for everyone, we headed off for a stroll downtown. There was no specific destination in mind – we just walked. It was a beautiful afternoon – one of the warmest our whole trip.

Here is a good perspective of the quantity of bikes we encountered. Like this many at every turn. Bikes are ubiquitous. This is the bikes outside one portion of one train station.

Navy barracks – there are row upon row of these buildings, which look quite stunning.

Another stop by Nyhavn – such beautiful colours.

Magasin – a Harrod’s-like upscale department store. This was actually one of the first buildings we saw upon arriving in Copenhagen.

One final stop for the evening, along the man-made lakes just a minute from Tim’s door. This is a beautiful location, and we walked/biked around portions of these lakes many times.

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