Cape Split Trek

John and I set out this summer with two exercise goals – hike both Blomidon and Cape Split. While we accomplished the first hike mid-July, the latter kept getting pushed further and further into the summer. It’s a long enough distance from our house that it takes some planning, and we knew that we wanted some company for the long walk. Specifically, our close friends the Abriels. Last Monday evening I came home from a run and walked into the kitchen to be very literally “surprised” by the Abriel family, who paid us an impromptu visit. Then and there we decided this would be the weekend! Lunches were prepared, back-packs were filled and off we went.


Preparing to head off on our hike (Photo courtesy of the Abriels)

It’s a lovely, well-maintained trail. At 16 km round-trip (with no alternate route out other than walking), it’s not for the faint of heart, but we hiked it in record time this year (a little over an hour each way). The views are spectacular, and the weather was perfect – a bit overcast, cool, and calm.


The view at the end (from Jaydon’s perspective). Photo from the Abriels


Abby slept for a portion of the hike heading out to the Cape. She devoured lunch, and then had a great time exploring.



We stayed at the end for about an hour – enough time to eat, enjoy the view, and rest weary muscles. Before long it was time to pack up and head home. Of course, to me at least, the walk back always seems longer (even though it is more downhill walking). I wore Abby in the Ergo on my back (we’re trying to get her used to this carrier since we’ll be taking it to Denmark); the last kilometer or so she was getting less and less happy about her perch on my back, so Stacy, Glen, and I serenaded her with an assortment of Sunday School choruses.


Beautiful butterfly out at Cape Split.


We make sure to take at least one picture in this tree during each hike out.


One of the colourful mushrooms John noticed on the way back.

A bit sore, but feeling successful in our adventure, we headed home. To hold off supper for a while, we headed out (sans John) to the local reservoir. Not quite the water retreat of Grand Lake, but you work with what you have. Again, Abby was thrilled, and refused to get out even when her little gums and tiny teeth were chattering.



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