Blomidon Nature Hike

We love to be outside and spend a good portion of each day out-of-doors either walking (~16 km each day) or touching every flower in the garden during one of Abby’s exploring sessions. We’re so blessed to live in a spectacular part of the country; something we comment on repeatedly as we enjoy clear air and beautiful vistas (just take a look at a few of the pictures below, which of course can’t do it justice).

Two years ago we went on a hike at Blomidon Park; spur of the moment we packed a lunch, laced up our sneakers and headed off. We’ve wanted to go back ever since. Not quite so easy this time around, as there are nap schedules and feeding times to be arranged. We left bright and early, took some snacks, and planned to be out of the Park by noon.

The weather did not disappoint. It was a clear, cool morning. The scenery is spectacular, and we only saw a handful of people our whole time there. The first portion of the hike is straight up a cliff, and the view is amazing at the top. John carried Abby on his back, and she was relatively content. About 2/3 of the way through our ~20 km walk, she started to get a bit antsy. We had already exhausted the lets-repeat-after-Mommy-and-Daddy for the alphabet, colours, and numbers we turned to the absolute best antidote there is – food. I broke miniscule pieces of a granola bar off and fed them to her as we walked.

We were back to the car by 11:30, home by lunch, and Abby took a 3 hour nap! Perfect day.


After Abby’s nap we decided to forgo our typical afternoon walk (we’d covered enough distance for one day) and ended up strolling through some local gardens. They were small, but nice. Of course Abby wanted IN the fountain and was horrifically distraught when we wouldn’t let her dive in face first.



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